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CNC Machining

CNC Machining

Eight HAAS CNC Milling Centers (2002 - 2015) Mini Mill, Tool Room Mill, VF2-SS and VF3-SS

Five HAAS CNC Lathe (2003 - 2014) SL 10, SL 20 and ST 30SS

5 Axix Milling

5-Axis Milling 

Two HAAS VF2-SS 5 Axis Machines




Inventory Management

Assembly and Inventory Management



What We Do Best

Iogicshopfloor.jpgLogic offer 10,000 square feet of lean manufacturing with dedicated resources that accelerate product development, improve design manufacturablity, and an error proof assembly process. Logic Mfg has the ability to respond quickly to multiple manufacturing needs utilizing our state of the art error-resistent Process Workload Managment System.  This custom designed system allows Logic to implement principles that remove waste; decrease cost and shorten lead times.  The end result is precise products with less investment, inventory and logistics for all customers. 

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